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Answer: c Clarification: A contract arises when the parties agree that there is an agreement. The conclusion of a contract usually requires an offer, acceptance, consideration and an intention of mutual commitment. Each contracting party must be able to conclude the contract. Minors, drunkards and psychiatrists may not be able to enter into a contract. Some types of contracts may require formalities, such as. B a written memorial service. Answer: b Clarification: The courts will maintain such a contract unless it has been established that the non-erroneous party was aware of the error and attempted to exploit the error. It is also possible that a contract is void if there is an error in the identity of the contractual partner. One example is Lewis v. Avery, in which Lord Denning MR stated that the contract can only be cancelled if the plaintiff can prove that the plaintiff considered at the time of the agreement that the identity of the other party was crucial. A simple misconception about the credibility of the other party is not enough.

Answer: a clarification: In the lump sum contract, the contractor undertakes to carry out or build specific works with all his eventualities in order to complete them in all respects within a certain period of time for a fixed amount. In it, an owner agrees to pay a contractor a certain lump sum without breaking down the costs after the completion of the work. After work, detailed measurements are not necessary. A clause can be implied in a contract by: (a) The courts (b) Law (c) Business practices (d) A clause can never be implied, it must always be expressed by the parties Answer: b Clarification: Everyone believes that they are entering into a contract with something else. Courts generally attempt to maintain such errors if a reasonable interpretation of the terms can be found. However, a contract based on an error of mutual evaluation does not mean that the contract may be contested by the offending party. 2) The base height can be from 300 mm to 600 mm, but 450 mm is more common. For buildings at risk of congestion and large buildings, the minimum basic height is 600 mm. 2. What kind of error occurs when only one party is wrong about the terms or purpose? a) Mutual error b) Unilateral error c) Bilateral error d) Individual error Display response Article Collective agreement: Contractors are required to offer prices for individual work according to the quantity plan provided by the customer`s service.

Indian Railways and many public sector entities use this method of contracting. 10. In the ancillary contract, the contractor undertakes to carry out or construct certain works with all their contingencies in order to complete them in all respects within a certain period of time for a fixed amount. a) False b) True View Answer: c Clarification: For larger projects, there may then be a prequalification process that creates a selection list of suitable suppliers who are invited to submit a quote. This type of pre-qualification procedure is not the same as selective tendering. Open tenders have been criticised for attracting bids/expressions of interest from a large number of suppliers, some of which are totally unsuitable for the contract and can therefore waste a lot of time, effort and money. However, open tenders offer the greatest competition and have the advantage that new or emerging suppliers can try to secure jobs. In India, there is a growing demand for contractual conditions _____ for private projects Answer: a clarification: Electronic signatures or electronic signatures have become crucial for companies as they try to increase the signing time, electronic signatures are legally binding and have the same legal status as a written signature, as long as they meet the requirements of the regulations, under which it was created. A contract management platform should offer the possibility to integrate with electronic signature software or to include electronic signatures as part of the platform. 3. Contract ________ is a contract that is automatically renewed until a party requests termination.

a) Uniform b) Evergreen c) Moderate d) On request If a contractual clause is broad to cover a number of potential infringements and it is not possible to decide whether a breach of the clause would have significant or trivial consequences, this term is described as follows: 4. How are final contracts signed in modern companies? a) Electronic signatures b) Scanning documents c) Printing d) Handshakes Reply Display Why are only terms and conditions used in most cases? Consider the following document requirement to sign an agreement for a construction project: The rights and obligations of the owner and contractor are set out in a document called contract documents. This document generally follows a standard format for works contracts concluded by governments and public bodies. The contractual document consists of the contractual agreement (on extrajudicial stamp paper of prescribed value) and the following documents, each of which is signed by both the owner and the contractor: Lump sum contract: If the scope of the construction work with all its drawings, quantities of specifications and estimates is precisely defined, a lump sum contract is used. In what state is the contract duration indicated for the certification of the contractor`s current invoice? Special contractual conditions may refer to ___ In order to make the contract more feasible, certain changes or additions are made to the general conditions called _____ Answer: b Clarification: If left unattended, they can have significant impacts on low-value costs. If these agreements do not work for the company, the clauses stipulating that the contract is automatically renewed must be deleted. If the clause makes sense or cannot be removed, alerts can still be set as a reminder in a contract management platform. When a person acting in the course of a business includes in a contract a clause that excludes liability for death and personal injury caused by negligence, the term is: What document in the contract sets out the responsibilities and obligations of the contracting parties? 1. A voluntary agreement between two or more parties, which is legally enforceable as a binding legal agreement, will be called ____ (a) Employment (b) Loan (c) Contract (d) Investment fund response to what type of contract does the Consumer Contract Unfair Terms Regulations 1999 apply? Answer: Clarification: A tender can be conducted for a number of contracts, including: the supply of equipment, the main construction contract (possibly including planning by the contractor), demolition, enabling works and so on.. .

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