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“It`s illegal in various states to put this in a prenuptial agreement, but many women have asked for higher settlements that reflect the number of children they have for their husbands,” says Nicole Noonan, owner of divorce finance firm New Chapter Capital. Yes, as marriage contracts become more common, more and more eccentric assets and clauses are being added. Let`s take a look at seven unlikely additions that have crept into prenuptial chords. A client`s marriage contract limited her husband to watching a football game on Sunday with friends. For a devoted sports fan, such a choice can be difficult. Not a word about whether there was a clause on seeing the first half of one game and then the second half of another. Adding a few extra pounds can cost more than the price of a new wardrobe. A woman`s marriage contract limited her weight to 120 pounds. Penalty for exceeding combat weight: She renounces $100,000 from her separate property. Prenuptial agreements can be a source of dispute between a couple before they get married. In case the couple separates, who gets the house? Money? The gardener? 15.

“I`ve worked on prenuptial contracts that include beauty budgets – including how much can be spent on hairdressing, manicures, pedicures, Botox, plastic surgery, personal trainers, shopping and personal shoppers,” says Rebecca Provder of Moses & Singer LLP. Some judges have tried to apply the general law of commercial contracts to marriage contracts. However, this does not take into account public policy concerns regarding family law issues. Sexual problems in prenuptial agreements can include how often a couple will have sex. An older couple decided once a month, while a younger couple accepted 3-4 times a week. Other couples have established mandatory sexual positions. The in-laws were treated in a prenup that excluded the mother-in-law from night visits. Another marriage contract encouraged a husband to hold his tongue around the in-laws. The consequences? He has to raise $10,000 every time he is rude to his wife`s parents. Until a uniform set of standards for the application of prenuptial agreements is established, it may be desirable for the bride and groom to limit the number of prenup lifestyle clauses (especially the most foreign ones). In a previous blog about marital defects, we mentioned that a common mistake was to fix unenforceable terms. Regardless of how the conditions are set, there are certain things that the court will not apply – for example, an unfulfilled provision requiring weekly sex will certainly not be recognized by a judge as a reason for unequal distribution of property.

Prenups must always comply with the law. 19. “A client requested that it be written in the marriage contract that all pets stay together after the divorce and have visitation rights,” noonan explains. Pet care arrangements are a relatively new creation, as pets have often been considered property. You wouldn`t share custody of a pet in the same way you wouldn`t share “custody” of a car. However, couples may both want the dog in their lives, which requires some sort of custody arrangement. Of all the marriage clauses on this list, pet custody is one of the few that the courts are known to recognize. A marriage contract included the requirement for random drug testing. Positive results lead to fines.

Another contract specified how long the husband was allowed to work before retiring. Marriage contracts are a common marriage instrument used by wealthy couples or couples with a high degree of unequal income. Marriages, as our Columbus divorce lawyers have already mentioned, are a powerful resource for couples at all income levels – they provide clarity on financial behavior, ensure transparency of each spouse`s expectations, and even provide a way to strengthen your marriage by building trust and mutual understanding of each other`s needs. Despite the frequency of these cases, no widespread case has ever applied a misappropriation clause – especially since detailed breach of trust clauses tend to drift towards ridicule. It`s no longer just about maintenance. Today`s marriage contracts actually dictate what happens during and after a marriage. In fact, lifestyle clauses appear as often as weird baby names appear in the marriage contracts of celebrities and high-income couples. And like fashion trends, these clauses can only prevail in the early days of ordinary Joes and Janes. Another prenuptial agreement included a $500 fine for each excess book the woman received.

It`s all right in the lifestyle clauses – one woman added a maximum weight determination of 180 pounds. for her husband. Next Phase Legal has written many prenuptial agreements and can help you and your partner write a document that you both feel comfortable with. Contact us today to get started. Dividing up household chores is another crazy addition you can have in your prenuptial agreement. You can indicate that you can get the maid and your ex can get the gardener. The pool boy obviously has to go with the one who gets the house with the pool. What for? How? Well, let me introduce you to a little thing called a marriage contract, which is a contract signed by a couple before it is tied up and sets monetary policy agreements and assets in case their marriage ends. And according to the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 62% of couples are looking for prenups this year alone. So this is quickly becoming the norm. It`s no longer just about maintenance. Bizarre life habit clauses in marriage contracts are increasingly appearing in the marriage contracts of celebrities and high-income couples.

And like fashion and hairstyles, these clauses can prevail in public. Learn more about the craziest wedding phrases. Although prenups have existed in one form or another for thousands of years and date back to ancient Egypt, the controversy surrounding them doesn`t seem to end anytime soon. Some people simply can`t seem to go beyond the idea that a prenup is inherently non-romantic. If you need help creating a prenuptial agreement that a court would enforce and validate, call our Columbus divorce lawyers at (614) 732-5566. Weis Law Group has the ability and foresight to protect your marriage and livelihood if your marriage ever divorces. Marriage contracts aren`t just for the rich and famous, and they don`t seem like the most romantic thing to do, but the discussions that come with it can strengthen your relationship and help you be better – and more romantic – financial partners in the years to come, and relationships with celebrities receive more attention than the actual work of the celebrity in question. So it`s no wonder that when two stars form a sacred union, the stakes are high. Enter the prenup and a top-notch celebrity lawyer to work on the essential details. From the foodie to the weird and the OMG, I can`t believe it`s real, we`ve put together the 20 craziest prenup chords in Hollywood, and the details are juicy. This marriage could be the only one that a judge would deem worthy. Nicole Kidman`s marriage contract with Keith Urban includes a generous provision: $640,000 for each year of marriage goes to Keith in the event of a divorce.

However, there is one condition that would make any post-marriage support completely invalid: if Keith falls back into drug addiction. “One woman asked that at the end of her marriage, her ex-husband would continue to pay monthly for 10 years on toll roads,” White says. 11. “A husband agreed to a clause that said, `The spouse receives X amount per marital year,` in exchange for the opportunity to cheat on his spouse once a month,” says Jeff White, a legal analyst at FitSmallBusiness.com. A lawyer prepared a prenuptial agreement that limited the time a couple could spend with their in-laws (no more than two consecutive days). Given the stress of family visits, this one might be ripe for wider adoption. That said, there are also some nice requests from Sus that go beyond who will get the wedding ring and home. “Often, when crazy prenup requests appear, my advice is to suggest to the parties to reconsider the marriage,” Abramowitz says. Nevertheless, we want to see them! So we asked lawyers from all over the country to respond to the craziest and most wtf requests they`ve seen from couples looking for prenups: More and more couples have included weight clauses in their prenups that limit the pounds their spouse can earn. You might argue that this will help you stick to your fitness program when money is at stake, but it`s more likely to just cause a fight. Good luck to anyone trying to include this in their prenup! 6. “Must have sex at least three times a week.” 20.

“If I spend six months with you, the clauses where a client demands a certain amount of money if they survive the first six months of the marriage,” noonan says. Beverly Rice`s Weirdest Marriage Clauses For models and athletes, their weight is directly related to their livelihood. Airlines in the 60s (and some restaurants more recently) notoriously subjected their employees to weight and size clauses. .

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