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Modern science strictly requires facts to support any claim, as the word “faith” has no place in its lexicon. China has traditionally had lower steel production costs than other steel-producing regions such as Europe due to lower labor and raw material costs, the use of cheaper but more polluting induction furnaces, although not subject to strict carbon pricing mechanisms, also offers cost advantages. The director`s professional life was also choreographed – albeit stricter, even obsessively controlled. Should we fix credit rating agencies by regulating them more strictly, or should we deregulate and increase competition? Our employees have carried out a complete inventory of our buildings. But not only family residences, but also the service of our commercial buildings to know what is best, I thought it was very important that we be proactive, that we set stricter requirements and that we reassure people that we are taking greater measures for their safety. Rigid and rigorous synonyms are sometimes interchangeable, but rigid implies uncompromising rigidity. I am opposed to any law on short working hours and I believe that infant labour should be strictly and universally enforced. This policy designed to curb outbreaks is stricter than any of the four major college football conferences, which require either three tests a week or, in the case of the Big Ten, daily antigen tests. Europe is getting one step closer to the strict restrictions imposed during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic as leaders struggle to regain control of the spread. Although strict and austere words have a lot in common, strengthening emphasizes unconsidered compliance with rules, standards or requirements.

He later admitted the madness by obtaining Lydia`s rights as his successor as strictly as possible. He set the strictest rules and quickly hid messages from the chief informant behind warnings. Some common synonyms of strict are rigid, strict and strict. While all of these words mean “extremely strict or strict,” rigorously suggests a strict and strict restriction or limitation. “strict discipline”; “strict security”; `Strict security measures` Faithfully and rigorously implemented, it could have saved the South. Perhaps his policy of not speaking in public without a prepared text has been pursued even more strictly. Signing outside talent this year is difficult due to the strict protocols of the Covid-19 league. We expect investment in research and development to continue to increase as manufacturers face new, stricter rules. Not to mention that SONGS would then have to overcome strict regulatory obstacles to resume its activities. I know of no method of obtaining the repeal of bad or repugnant laws that is as effective as their strict enforcement.

These fan zones are maintained with an adapted and strict security protocol. While synonyms are strict and strict in the sense close to each other, rigorously implies the imposition of hardness and difficulty. The old blue laws were strictly enforced and the punishment for violations was usually severe. . Show your appreciation with 25 other ways to say “thank you” What`s the difference between “this” and “that”? Synonyms: fuddled, nasty, squiffy, cbaged, plastered, nasty, tight, mingy, smashed, wet, strict, miserly, compressed, cockeyed, straff, sozzled, soaked, close, stiff, besined, slopped, pie-eyed, blotto, loaded, blind drunk, pissed, sloshed, rigorous, soused, pixilated Theme music by Joshua Stamper 2006NewJerusalemMusic©/ASCAP The words that defined the week of September 10, 2021 “epidemic” vs. “pandemic” vs. “endemic”: What do these terms mean? strict, strict, strict, strict, hard, hard, rigid, narrow, restrictive, demanding, energetic, demanding, draconian, binding, strict, strict, strict, strict, strict, strong, firm The most surprising random words of the day 11 Contronyms you used without realizing it. .

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